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and not enough of them, ffor this was noe remidie Sir Joseph was rather ffaine to aske to go a Captaine then any he knew wouild proffer. So much ffeare was on the enimy as our men who did service report that they leaped in one ship all overboard except 40 men, and when he came away in his boate he came along a fflag ship side and boare his boate off, and 4 boate of the Duch redie men wouild not touch him nor ffier one shot at him; the other party say that was because the Dutch boates weare saving the men who leaped over board. In ffine there is a miscaridge as it haps so much ffeare being in the enemie that our ships did not attempt it, but the service looked so grine to go to ingadge them without any man of war who dare not go along the enimy side, that doubtless these excuses are made so that in shorte those two littell vessells which did go on have greate creditt by the people the other 14 under a strange clamour; other excuses and empeachings I have heard but they are to long to repeate.

The Dutch ffleet lies still at the Ounflleet but as that de Ru ter eertainely is not come or they wouild be more in number.

392. RICHARD TYLER AAN PEPYS, 11 Aug. 1667 i).

This day our late reputed enemy the Dutch weigh'd the wind at W. from the Gunfleete and are gonn to the E. warde: wee judge heer (per thé discourse of the paece) are gonn home. In my last didd give your worship an account of 12 sayle of Hollanders came from the Northwarde and joyned with the Hollands fleete. Yesterday came in heer a large pinke from the Holands ffleet laden with clapborde from Danzike with an English pylott on board taken in at Yarmouth, master William Little, who tells me he was on horde the Admirall of Holland (all day on Sunday), who trated him sivelly only woold not lett him goe to London. So came hither.

He farther tells me one of the 12 sayle had white vaynes and coming neer the fleet, the men on decke the Admirall stampt for the ships company who came up and shouted for a peace; farther he the said pylott tells me he both spake and dranke with the pylott on boarde the said Admirall being an Englishman of Boston, who did confes to cary the ships up Chatham river and allso his reason for his present action, too large heer to inserte. The letters from Holland allso from those 12 sayle confirm'd a peace to them and that their predecants alias parsons had thanked God in publike for it.

Sir the commissioner will not give me liberty to comme to London. I begg your favor to him that I may now comme up. I hope I have now fully answerd all he can lay upon me: his worship knows best how I have bin employed for nothing.

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