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Majestes stoares; this day the Earle of Oxford is leaveinge this place. Heer is com from Yarmouth about 18 sayle of laden collyers bounde for London, intend to sayle this day.

2 Hollands men of warr are now at an anchor on the backesyde of the West Rocks and aboute 14 sayle more in the Stedway.

Sir I have now liberty to come to pass my account at London and next weeke by first opertunety by water I shall come God willinge. I entreat your worships favor to exeuse me to Sir William Penn because doe understand he with the board are offended with pursers delayes. The fault is not in me.

396. JAMES NORMAN AAN PEPYS, 17 Aug. 1667 »).

I received your commands about giving you information as neer as might be of the damage his Majesty received in the Medway by the Dutch, I am doubtless less able then many though as willing as any to comply with anything that may give your honour any light or satisfaction in this particuler, and the trouble will be more then récompenced by your acceptance. In severall things little eertainty can be attained to, and in some things sparee ground for a guess, what I now doe you may please to make use of as a little light till some greater appeares from a better hand.

Upon the Charles, James, London nor Oake I shall put no value, nor the masts, yards and rigging belonging to them, your honour better knowes how to put a valuation upon them then myselfe, and if you think fitt so to doe, you may please to abate a fifth part out of the charge of the hulls of the 3 last for what is remaining of them.

_j £ s. d.

Hut there were severall things aboard chargeable upon the shipps as anehors, cables (for the R. James ridd by hers the day before), hausers for transporting, some small cordage etc. which was destroid, worth at least 1000 — 0 — 0

Vanguard after shee was first cutt loóse drove ashoar on Chatham side neer the victuallers key, and had holes cutt in her to sink her, and there shee sate quietly a tide or two, and afterward floated and drove a quarter of a mile up the river and came ashoar upon hard ground in a steep place, and heel'd off from the shoare, and lies at present very desperately; shee is supposed lost by most, if it prove so her valuation I shall likewise wane, if otherwise, to gett her into doek and repaire her damage wee may set downe 400 — 0 0

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