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or was cutt or burut loose and so drove upward or downward, and her wrack might be taken for one of the enemies, and thats it makes the case doubtfhll whether they had one, or two men of warr lost in this river, shee was moared as well as her consort which much inhances her value, and yet in my judgement put all together der of 500 — 0 -0

Marmaduke was brought down to the chaine and sunke there; the shipp came out of doek but a little before and might have continued a good shipp for severall yeares, shee is at present the best wrack in the river, and the best accompt I can judge shee will turne to when waighed will be to make a Hulke for Sheerness, and when shee is so, her waighing and fitting will amount to as considerable a value a herselfe, so wee may reckon the shipp lost, and in her . 1000 — 0 — 0

There was a large flyboat of Sir William Warrens taken up for the same service, fitted and victualled for a voyage shee was sunck and is utterly lost, herselfe and what belongs to her was valued by the appraisours at 1400 — 0 — 0

St. Maria was also intended to be sunck, but in transportdng downe unhappily came aground and was afterward burnt by the Dutch, wee lost nothing in her but her bare selfe and therefore not above . . . 600 — 0 — 0

5750 — 0 — 0

£ s. d.

Helverson her misfortune was an unhappy consequent of the enemies being heere, if shee prove his Majesty hath lost 1200 £ if saved I wish shee were well in the doek for. . ; 200 - 0 -0

Crovm and Brill Hulk at Sheerness burnt at her moarings worth 300 0 — 0

Progperouë Horseboat burnt at the chaine .... 150 — 0 — 0

The shipps in the this Harbour that are safe and well as to the maine have yet by their sinking received such damage within board and their carved work, painting, joyning and glasing, that his Majesty had better have given so many hundred pounds as there were shipps sunke and thats 900 — 0 — 0

Destroid at Sheerness the considerables provisions heerafter mentioned vizt great Iron worke 2£ tons, nailes 80 baggs, leather 17 backs, small spares 7 load, new masts