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from 15 to 19 hands 39, masts made into topmasts and yards 61, close lighters 2, timber and plank 95 load, which with the rest of the smaller stores together with

the buildings may be estimated at 3000 — 0 — 0

Destroid at the chaine a crane with 2 wheeles, severall crabbs, claves for the chaine ashoare and stages afloat

cost at least 2qo o 0

His Majesty will loose in the chaine itselfe more

then it will yeild againe 150 — 0 — 0

There was run over the chaine to strengthen it about 160 fathoms of the Monmouths threae cables, which with part of her small bower, her stream eablè and a hauser by her left and by them taken up there

wee may reckon 200 0 — 0

Princess had victualls damaged aboard and made

nothing worth that cost his Majesty 40 — 0 — 0

Monmouth received so much damage in her provisions of all sorts being newly victualled that being cast up it was found to amount to somewhat more then 1000 — 0 — 0

Mr. Gregory hath paid away in wages to seamen, riggers etc. employés by the masters attendans in his Majesties service afloat, wich charge grew purely upon

the account of the enemies coming up 2200 — 0 0

I have paid in tide money and other extraordinary allowances to workmen in this yard and ropeyard and to the guardshipps men for loss of clothes and other contingencies arising from the cause abovesaid . . . 1900 — 0 — 0

10240 — 0 — 0 5750 — 0 — 0 4100 — 0 — 0

20090 — 0 — 0

Whether the chaine were broken or not is yet disputable, most inchne to the negative, so do % I saw it in severall peeces when~ taken up, which might either be cutt with cold chissells, or the forelocks driven out of the shackles by which the chaine was to open and shutt for a passage. One link I saw cutt, and it is probable the chaine might be over-run and sunke by their shipps, and afterward by them taken in peeces for their better passage down againe.

I hope all heer said will be for private informacion and not for publique use, eoncluding with these humble requests that errors may be pardoned, whats otherwise, accepted.