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397. „SOM OBSERVATION touching the Dutch warr in the yeare 1665, '66 and '67 \).

No sooner a war was intended but many people who thought they eoulld make most interest indeavored comands of ships and also other inferior offices, in so much that noe lacke of officers was ih that affaire, and if they had bin as good as plentyfull wee had mauaged this warr better to advantage of his Majesty. For these eomands so sought ffor, was not tbe intention of just going to ffight with the enemy, but private ends intended by being sent out to cruse at sea and benefit well by prizes which to som happened to others not.

1. Now why I conceave this to be so, I give my best and hope a good observation, ffor no sooner they see where the ships were ordered and what station, but it gave them to partly guese whether it would be of benefit or danger, and if it were to go into the Channell to the Westward which looked like benefit, then each comander and men were ready and willing to dispach theire ships and ready to complaine of any oficers of the yard concerned which gave not dispach to theire ships, and indeed if either the ship wanted repaire or the rigging bad or otherways deffected, yet ;ffor the hopes of benefit all tbe ships officers were content to hasten and keepe the sea with greate willingnes.

Bnt if it happened theire ships were ordered to stay in the battell with the fleet, then was som intreague invented if possible to fforsake the fleete by complaining of the ships deffects or being leake or rigging bad, want of stores or provisions naught, soe that it is almost imposible ffor the generalis on the command but to grant a survey on theire ships, and then if som littell matter found of defect which may be mended at sea by theire owne carpenters, yet if the comander and officers have greate interest with the generalis which comands the ship it mostly falls out that she is sent into port or at least next affter a fight, and so docked which is of greate prejudice to this affaire, but it will be asked if this canot be prevented and that the officers of the yards cannot see these enormities and complaine of

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