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10. The not setting out a sufficiënt fleete the last yeare.

11. The division of those that were out soe as they became useless.

12. The want of amunition and provision in our forts.

13. The ill succes at Chatham by the slighting of Upnor before Sheerness was finished.

14. The permission of seamen to goe in merchant shipps thereby to make a necessity of not setting" out a fleete.

399. „THE NARRATIVES of the Duke of Albemarle and Prince Rupert, of the miscariadges in the late Dntch war, 1667" 1).

a narrat]vb of the Duke of Albemarle touching the miscarriages of the late Dutch war, sent to the House of Commons upon theire request, November 1667.

Being desired by the House of Commons to impart what I have observed or knowne of any miscarriages tn the late warr and particulerly concerning the division of the fleete in 1666,1 shall heere relate all 1 can during my being at sea with respect to the shortnesse of time and the want of many of papers occasioned by the losse of Sir William Clarke who attended me in the sea service and was slaine in itt.

First what I remember of the division of the fleete is as follows. Sir George Carterett and Sir William Coventree came to us to the buoy of the Nore the 3 of June 1666 1) and acquainted us that there might be good service done if wee could spare a squadron of 20 sayle with some fireshipps to fall upon parte of the French fleete which was gathering together about Bell Isle and this was made soe greate a secrett that wee could not have the advice of one flag officer therein: aud that the Dutch fleete would not be out in 6 weekes.

I was much surprised with the proposicion and told them if upon theire returne to London it should be resolved to send away such parte of our fleete as aforesaid, I could not be able to ingage the Dutch till recruited. All the was done at the time was to agree of the names of shipps, and that our wholle fleete should sayl to the Douns to lye therp till further orders. On the 6 of June at night I received a letter from the Lord Arlington dated the 3 importing that he heard the Dutch fleete would be out presently s), but he mentioned noe certaine time of theire coming out, and the Prince had orders the 4 to sayle away with his squadron in prosecution of his forementioned dessigne,

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