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and on the 8 at night I received orders dated the 7 to goe to the Gunfleete, and the next day I called the officers together and acquainted them with itt; they thought itt verry inconvenient to goe to the Gunfleete, alleadging that if the wind should be Easterly and the Dutch come forth and send fireshipps among us being at anchor, they might put us into disorder, and therefore they rather advised wee should sayle to the Swine betwixt the Gunfleete and the Middle Ground as a place of more security and for taking in provisions for the fleete. I then dispatched an expresse to his Royall Highnesse with the result of this consultacion, and as soone as I had squadroned our shipps and gotten all our men from the shore, which was by the 9 of June, I sett sayle that afternoone. I had with me when the Prince went 56 sayle, but the Advice having broken her head, the Expedition went with his Highnesse in her place. Another of my shipps that was out to scout towards Dunkirk came not in till the fight was over, soe that I had but 54 shipps when I came in sight of the Dutch fleete, which was descryed the 11 of June about 8 in the morning lying at anchor off the North Poreland consisting of about 80 men of warr besydes fireships and ketches; wee expected them not soe soone, having never heard before that they were out of theire Harbor nor soe much as drawne to any Randevouze, though it is well knowne they were out the 31 of May as 1 had advice after the fight. Considering the condition I was in (most parte of the soldiers and saylors being gone with the Prince and that those with me were heavy shipps and many of them merchant men and Dutch prizes) I thought it fitt to advise if wee might not gett into the river without fighting, and iu order thereto I called together all the flag officers and captains on board, who after some consideracion unanimously agreed that in regard most of our shipps were heavy wee could not avoyd fighting, and thereupon twas resolved to fall upon them as they lay at anchor, The description of the ingagement is not verry pertinent to the narrative, but notwithstanding all the disadvantages wee had by the two recruits added to the enemies fleete wee lost but 10 shipps and they above 20 sunck and burnt.

By a letter from his Royall Highnesse of the 10 of June I found that a letter was writt the day before to recall the Prince, and his Highnesse came to us the 13tn of June at night. The 14th of June being Monday wee sayled towards the Dutch fleete againe and fought with them that day till towards night, and then they sayled towards the Holland coast and left us, and his Highnesse Prince Ruperts ship and mine being both disabled wee were not able to follow that night; soe upon consultation it was resolved wee should sayle with our fleete. to the buoy in the Nore to repaire our shipps and to recruite them. After the ingagement the fleete drew to the buoy in the Nore to be