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repayred and victualled, where I cannot but observe the great negligence of the commissioners of the Navy in not providing for our supply. Wee had not any thing wee wanted but by greate importunity, and such was theire delay in fitting out our shipps, that afther they had represented it scarce possible to have Royall London, Cambridge, Warspight and Greenwich out that summer, wee sent some of our owne officers and seamen who brought them to us in a verry few days.

The next that I remember observable is that when in the month of August the same yeare our fleete lay before the Vly and Skeveling when wee burnt and destroyed 152"merchant shipps and 4 men of warr and might have pursued the successe with very greate advantage, for 50 merchants shipps that came in verry few days after must have fallen into our fleete, wee were forced for want of provision to draw of our fleete, notwithstanding both his Highnesse and myselfe had with greate instance and importunity often pressed for provision, and that wee might not put to sea with lesse than 4 months at that time.

The ill successe at Chatham hath many circumstances in it and therefore I shall be more particuler because it is yet fresh in my memory. His Majesty having intelligence that the Dutch fleete had with theire cannons beaten those from Sheernesse that were to defend the place, was pleased upon Monday the 20 June 1667 about noone to comand me to repaire to Chatham to take the best order and care to secure tbe ships there, and his Majesty gave order to the commissioners of the ordinance to dispatch a trayne after me which I heard came that night to Gravesend, and I myselfe from the Tower of London at 4 of the clock that afternoone and came to Gravesend the evening. When I came thither I found the fort on Kent syde with few gunns mounted, and that on Essex syde had not above 2 gunns mounted. I thereupon gave order to Sir John Griffith Governor to mount as many as he could and repaire fortificacions to be able make the best resistance he hould in case the Dutch should advance further upon the River, parte of theire fleete being then sayled to the Hope. I alsoe appointed Sir Williams Jennings to command the men of warre and fireshipps that lay by the fort till his Royall Highnesse should further direct in that particuler, and in regard I found soe few gunns mounted in the fort and seeing the Dutch fieete on Tuesday morning with theire topsayles loose in sight of Gravesend, I gave order that when the trayne of artilery should come, to Gravesend, they should stay there till further order, for I was in hopes to have found Chatham better provided than it was. After I had made this provision there I went early ou Tuesday morning to Chatham where I found scare a dozen of 800 men which were then in the Kings pay in his Majestys yards, and those distracted with feare, that I could have little our noe service from them. I had heard of 30 boats which were provided by