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direction of his Royall Highnesse, but they were except 5 our 6 taken away by those of the yards who went themselves with them and sent and took them away by the example of commissioner Pett who had the cheefe command there, and sent away some of his owne goods in some of them. I found noe amunition there but what was in the Monmouth, soe that I presently sent to Gravesend for the traine to be sent to me, which got thither about 2 of the clock the next day.

After that I had dispatched this order, I went to visit the chaine which was the next thing to be fortified for securing the river, where I found noe works for the defence of itt. I immediatly sett soldiers to worke for the raysing two batteries, there being noe other men to be gott, and when I had imployed them in it I found it verry difficult to get tools, for commissioner Pett would not furnish us with above 30 till the breaking open the stores where wee found more. I then directed timber and greate plancks to be sent to the batteries and gunns alsoe that they might be ready to be planted soe soone as the batteries were made: and in the next place I sent Captaine Winter with his company to üpnor Castle, which place I thought very fitt to hinder the enemy from coming forward if they should force the chaine, and upon further consideracions although I had horse neare the foot least the enemy should land there, I commanded Sir Edmund Scott with his company for a farther strength to the place, and gave him charge of it with orders to lett me know what he wanted for the security thereof. Having then provided for Upnor I considered where to sink shipps without the chaine next to the enemy. for a further security to it. I found 5 shipps and the ünity upon the place, and advising with comissioner Pett and the masters of atténdance and a pilott how to doe itt, Pett told me it was theire opinion the if three shipps were sunck at the narrow passage by the Mussellbanke, the Dueh fleete would not be able to come up. I relying upon theire experience who best knew the river gave orders accordingly for the doing of itt, but when this was done they said they wanted two shipps more, which I directed them to take and sinck: after I ordered Sir Edward Spragg to take a boate and sound whether thé sinking theise shipps would secure the passage, which he did and found another passage which the pilot and masters of atténdance had not before observed to be deepe enough for greate shipps to come in; I therefore resolved to sinke some shipps within the chaine and provided some against there should be occasion.

I went then to looke after the other shipps and batteries and to see the men and all things ready, but I found the guns which I had before ordered to be there not come downe, and instead of thick oaken planks of which there were verry good store in the yards as aforesaid. it appeared that comissioner Pett wóuld only send thinn plancks of