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On the same morning I went by breake of day to see what was done about Sancta Maria and found men towing her along to the place intended, -and they had tyde enough to doe the businesse. But soone after I bad dispersed my orders to the other ships I lookt and saw the Sancta Maria by the carelessnesse of the pilot and masters of attendarice was runn on ground, at which I was much troubled, for if the ship had been sunck in the place where I appointed, the Dutch shipps could not have gotten beyond those of ours sunck within the chaine and thereby none of the Kings shipps within could have been destroyed in regard of our guardshipps within would have hindered them from removing our sunck ships.

About 10 on the Wensday the enemy came on with parte of theire fleete and 5 or 6 fireshipps and some men of warr seconding them. the first attempted the ünity which was placed on the right hand close without the chaine to defend it, which they tooke; one of theire fireshipps strooke on the chaine and stopped, which being seconded with another greate fireship the chaine gave way and then the the shipps came in by that verry passage where the Sancta Maria should have been sunck. They burnt the guard, shipps and tooke away the Charles wherein the boatswaine and gunner did not doe theire duty in firing, though they said they attempted twice but the fire would not take. This was all I observed of the enemyes action on Wensday. Our next was to provide against the tyde served the next day. I inquired what had beene done by Sir Edward Spragg at TJpnor and sent him as many of those things he needed as I could gett boats to carry to him and sent him likewise a company more than was ordered to reinforce him in case of landing, and then directed 3 batteries to be made in the Kings yard, but could not get carpenters but 2 that were running away. I alsoe planted above 50 cannon in severall places besydos those of tbe traine. I stayd all night with the men and having noe money to pay them all that I could doe or say was little enough, having noe assistance from Commissioner Pett nor gunner nor men to draw on the gunns except the 2 masters of atténdance. On Thursday morning early TJpnor was in a pretty condition and oure batteries ready; I gott some Captaines of shipps and other officers volentiers that went with me to ply the gunns, and the other land volentiers did assist to draw them on the batteries. About noone the enemy came on with 2 men of warr and 6 fireships and other men of warr following the first 2 anchored before TJpnor and playd upon it, whilst the fireships passed by to the Royall James, the Oake and the London; the 2 first fireships burnt without any effect but the the rest burnt the 3 ships mentioned. If wee had had but 5 or 6 boats to have cutt off the boats from the fireships wee had prevented the burning of those shipps; which being