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burnt soe soone as the tyde turned they retired. The next morning I received bis Majestys command to returne to London, but I thought twas most for his service to stay till the attempt should be over, and then having left upon the place the Earle of Carlisle and the Earle of Middleton to command till further order I came away about 8 in the evening and about 2 the next morning arrived at London.


a naeeativb of his Highnesse Prince Rupert touching the miscarriages in the late war sent to the House of Commons, Nov. 10,1667 1).

I doe esteeme it a verry greate happinesse that my harty services for the King and Kingdome in the late warr are soe well accepted by the House of Commons, and since it is desired by them that 1 should imparte what miscarriages L have observed in the management of the said warr and that I should give a particuler account concerning the division of the fleete in the yeare 1666, I shall faithfully doe it upon the best recollection I can make. I beginn with the first summers expedition wherin his Royall Higbnesse comanded, and thereupon I shall only say in short if the Duke's orders had beene observed the victory which was then obtained had beene greater, nay in probability the enemies wholle fleete had beene destroyed. What other miscarriages hapded that summer I can speake to but upon hearsay, being comanded home as soone as that fight was over, and had not any hand in any other actiou of the warr untill it pleased the King to joyne me with the Lord Generall in the comand of his fleet.

In which expedicion that which appears of moment is the separacion of the fleete, of which I can say thus much that the councell was founded upon the intelligene of some shipps of the French Kings being at Bell Isle and that some others were expeted there out of Brest with the duke of Beaufort; it was alsoe incouraged by other intelligence that the Dutch fleete was not like to come abroad in some weeks time, soe that twas conceived that a squadron of our shipps might be spared to looke after the French and returne time enough to a conjunction with the body of the fleete before an ingagement with the Dutch.

With theise counsells and in pursuance of the order I had then newly received from the Duke of Yorke I sett sayle upon Tuesday the 8 of June leaving tbe maine body of the fleete with the Duke of Albemarle iu the Downs, where wee concluded, that there could be noe

1) Van dit stuk is het exemplaar bij Queens volledig.