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probable danger from the enemy in case they should eoine ont, because the same wind which would bring them into the Channell would serve to bring downe our fleete to a conjunction. with the squadron under my command: and I stear'd my course westward till by the stresse of weather^ which happened the Thursday following, being the 10, I was driven back againe, and Fryday morning being. the 11 of June I came to an anchor in S'. Hellens roade where by a ketch which I had sent before to Portsmouth for intelligence I received the first notice of the Dutch being abroad and his Royall Highnesse order bearing date the 9 June at Whitehall for my returne to the fleete which I was thereby directed to find in the Downs or in the Gunfleete, whereupon I made all the hast back I possibly could to the Downs, but the Duke of Albemarle it seems by orders he had received after my parting from him was gone thence to the Gunfleete, and in passing met the Dutch fleete upon Fryday the 11 of June; and I meeting not intelligence in the Downs stood my course towards the Gunfleete alsoe and upon Sunday the 13tn of Junè I met the English and the Dutch fleete who had beene some days ingaged.

The next miscarrige I shall mention was the intollerable neglect in the supplying provisions during the whole summers expedicion notwithstanding the extraordinary importunity by our letters which were for the most parte directed to Sir William Coventree as being the fittest person to represent our desires to his Royall Highnesse aud to the principall officers and commissioners of the Navy of which number he was then alsoe one, and in this particuler instance the neglect was soe greate that wee were in forced by 3 repeated orders that summer to bring the wholle fleete to short allowance from the 12th of August to the 2d of Novembe r when I brought home the fleete. I know upon our complaint accounts were sent that all bad been suplyed according to our order, I remember alsoe wee did then complaine that greate quantities of wood bound caske were staved and much of the provisions upon surveys found defective, alsoe that the gage of the beere was 20 gallons in a butt short of what it ought to be, and that bills of credit came to the pursers insteed of provisions in specie.

This want of provisions did manifestly tend to the prejudice of His Majesties affaires in the wholle summer, but more especially after the victory obtained in the August fight when wee had earried the fleete upon the enemies coast and lay there before the Vly in the way of all theire Merchant shipps, wee were inforced nieerly for want of provisions to quit our stations and come in with the fleete to the Soase Bay. And now I have made mention of the 2d fight I must not forbeare to teil you my judgment against the Blew Squadron as in that action verry guilty of a high miscarriage, otherwise in all probability the wholle Zealand squadron had fallen into our hands. The