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The Organisation The exploitation

for progress and to orientate anew. After hesitating a wbile in the preliminary stage, Holland's Industry grasped sympathetically at the opportunities presented by this institution, in order to demonstrate hereby to foreigners and fellow-countrymen. alike, what Holland as an industrial country is capable of and what future possibilities there are for the Industry of Holland, particularly in regard to exports. fl For the execution of the scheme, an Association was formed in May 1916, at the head whereof is a General Committee consisting of 38 members, from which a smaller body, the Board of Management numbering 10 persons, has been elected and charged with the direction of daily affairs. fl In the fact that the members of the General Committee and the Board of Management quite disinterestedly give their services to the management of the Institution, a real guarantee is supplied that the interests of exhibitors and visitors to the Industries Fairs of Holland are attended to quite objectively. fl A Committee of Honorary Members, composed of a number of eminent persons in Official, Industrial and Commercial circles under the Presidency of the Minister of Agriculture, Industry and Commerce, and a few of bis colleagues have constantly displayed considerable interest in each of the Fairs, and Her Majesty the Queen, who has frequently displayed great interest in the efforts of the Fair, has most graciously consented to become its Patroness. fl In order to finance the first Annual Industries Fair, a number of Industrial, Commercial and Transport Institutions, as well as some private persons, contributed in a short time a Guarantee Fund of more than fl 150,000.— which, with the revenue from the hire of the sample rooms, made up the cash needed for the First Fair. fl The costs for exploiting the First Fair amounted to fl 221,544.—, for the Second Fair fl 536,909.— and for the Third Fair fl 615,150.—. fl An appraisement of the property of the First Fair amounted to fl 206,000.— that of the Second Fair to fl 840,000.— whilst the corresponding amount for the Third Fair is estimated at fl 1,102,000.-—. fl Considerable financial help was accorded by the State and the city of Utrecht, fl The amount of the subsidies has risen from fl 45,000.— (fl 35,000.— from the Government and fl 10,000.— from the City) for the First Fair to fl 117,000.— for the Third Fair. {fl 80,000.— from the Govern-