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The number of sample rooms, table and "al fresco" space increased as follows :

1917 1918 1919

Sample rooms 439 963 1290

Table space in Meters 294 634 77a

"Al fresco" space in sq. meters 150 263 576

Classification All participators belonging to a certain branch of trade are grouped together, though not in such a way that competitors are placed next to each other, but still so that visitors interested in a certain industry find all participators in that industry in the neighbourhood. The trouble of walking from one part of the Fair to the other over and over is thereby obviated and at the same time, the object obtained that the visitor can easily form a good idea of what a certain industry has brought to the

Participation Fair. fl The participation in the first Fair immediately exceeded all expectations. The management had reckoned on from 200 to 250 participators, but this number rose at once to 690 and at each Fair still increased considerably. From 690 in 1917, that number rose in 1918 to 1062, and in 1919 to 1225, notwithstanding the ever-increasing economical difficulües. fl Distributed over the various trade groups the participation discloses the following at the second and third Fairs.

19181919 19181919

1. Engines and tools. 71 108 8. Glass and stone-ware 28 29

2. Gas and electricity 17 23 9. Household-goods

3. Metal-workjng .... 83 83 and fancy-goods .. 37 48

4. Scientific instru- 10. Textile material, ments 7 16 wool, worsted yarns,

5. Gold and silver-ware 13 16 and mercery. 76 77

6. Industrial and reli- 11. Ready-made clothgious art 10 12 ing, fashions, knit-

7. Heating, lighting ted and linengoods 103 119 andsanitary articles 10 16