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the Association. fl The turn-over of the First Fair amounted to 10 mülion florins, that of the Second Fair to 30 mülion florins. fl As against about fl 20,000.—per exhibitor at the First Fair, a turn-over of fl 43,000.— per exhibitor was estimated at the Second Fair. fl The propaganda is divided into 3 sub-divisions :

1. Propaganda respect ing Participation.

2- ,j „ Home Visitors.

3- » „ Foreign Visitors.

The propaganda is carried on in printed form and verbally. Readings — with and without illustrations — take place to promote both participation and attendance. Pamphlets, Advertisements, Posters, Bioscope performances, etc. constitute the chief means of propaganda in written and pictorial form. Apart from advertisements, propaganda is distributed in the form of descriptions etc, most of which are ülustrated. fl For the First Fair, a special agent in New-York carried on the propaganda in America, fl Foreign propaganda will be directed with the view of promoting visits from abroad to the Fair. In order to secure the same personal contact with foreign customers that exists between the Board of Management and the exhibitors, representatives of the Fair will be nominated in various commercial and industrial centres abroad. fl An official catalogue is published of each Fair. At the Third Fair, having regard to visits from abroad an official guide, moreover, will also be published in different languages. fl In order to maintain continual contact between exhibitors at the Fairs, and to keep them up to date with that which is interesting for communication, an official organ "The Fair" has been published monthly by the Board of Management since November 1917. fl On the initiative of the Board of Management, a special Department has been created for securing sleeping and other accomodation for the numerous visitors attending the Fair. This Department has the option as regards a large number of rooms in Hotels, Boarding Houses and private dwellings. All demands were met by this Department at the last two Fairs, fl At the close of each Fair, an enquiry was held among the exhibitors to ascertain their complaints, desires, remarks, etc. With the results of this enquiry, count will be made as far as possihle in regard to successive



"The Fair" An Official Organ

Hotel and other Accomodation