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certain compensations in Luxemburg were granted to

^bonds between Limburg and the Kingdom of ^. Netherlands have been gradually gaimng in strength ^ l1tt9The Roman Catholic inhabitants of the province since 1839. ine Koman North to bring about

a revis.on of he co^ propaganda, which endea-

eVerydaate,thl t me to rbstitute'for the nominal bond voured at this time Leflgue

h^Tt-e^T"nZZ greater Germany". Limburg anervÏ bu^ remained staunch to Holland and

leelméSad "Jat1sÏdes ThT other parts of the Kingdom has made great he Southern provinces.

Thoutnds \"\eo»le ^ ** hfTd hs charming scenery, tens of thousands find amidst its arm 8 Economie interests have

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jE^oXllïï which produces coal. O^er

1 are also found and the capital requ.red to

Tr i mi- partly comes from the nort ern

• e Tt is therefore quite wrong to say, as is

Pr°Vetim s done by some Belgians, that Limburg will sometimes done^ y ^ ^ con

always be a burden_ to econ0mic life of

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C° Jr ïhe tpo Mo» against e8ec.ua.in,> .his has "„Hot fl The Du.ch side, as » shah see presently.