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pretensions and to acknowledge the status quo of legal uncertainty, by limiting the measures for the defence of her neutrality to those waters which were incontestably Dutch territory. It will be granted that no objection can be raised against this attitude.

The practical interest of the question of the sovereignty of this spot arose before the war, from the necessity of deciding which of the two countries was entitled to provide it with beacons, buoys, etc.

Another practical point which is sometimes discussed between Belgium and Holland, deals with^the letter s right to establish a pilotage station at Zeebrugge. This question has, properly understood, ^T^Cln the one concerning the sovereignty of the Wielingen. If certain Belgian publicists have lost sight of the difference, the mistake is theirs. To find an answer to the pilotage question, it is only necessary to delermine the character of the waters before Zeebrugge, and to settle whether or no they form part o the mouth of he Scheldt. The establishment of a pilotage station can only be made to depend on the special conventen concerning the matter, and does not touch on the question of sovereignty at all.