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Dutch have a mind to see if we will not flght them again near the Galloper, where we lost the Boyal Prince. The Duke replied they should be deceived"; — bil. 83—89, 92—97, 102—'04, 112—'13, berichten tijdens en over den slag bij Solebay , van surgeon J. Knight te Southwold, Francis Chaplin te Aldeburgh, Ralph Rabett te Aldeburgh, Sir C Lyttelton te Landguard Fort, Silas Taylor te Harwich, kolonel John Strode te Dover, Thomas Lucas te Yarmouth, Lord CBrien aan boord van The Victory, majoor N. Darell te Sheerness, Mr. Price, chaplin of the St. Andrew, en anderen; bl. 109: beoordeeling der ingekomen berichten door Williamson; — bil. 116, 138, 142. 148, 151, 167, 168, 208, 221: Sir Thomas Allen, te Sheerness (208 uit Chatham), over het herstel der vloot; — bl. 125, „report by John Young, carpenter of the French Vietory, of the taking of that ship";

bl. 132, „relation by Sir Jeremy Smith concerning the fight"; —

blL 136, 141, 156, 191, Anthony Deane over het herstel der vloot; bl. 442, dezelfde over hét verzekeren van oorlogsschepen tegen branders, „by building a frame about a ship, by which she shall become unapproachable and her sides camion proof'; — bl. 156, James Hamilton,. Groom of the Bedchamber, aan Williamson, aan boord van The Prince (15 Juni): „your last Thursday's Oazette has by no means pleased the Duke; . .. this [relation] came so short, even in point of the Duke's own ship and behaviour, that everybody was scandalized at its being printed"; — bl. 163, uitvoerige beschrijving van den slag bij Solebay door Henry Savile aan boord van The Prince; — bil. 170, 190, 424, Richard Bower te Yarmouth; nieuws over Holland, en zeenieuws (424 (10 Aug.): „our coast both northward and southward is much infested with Dutch capers, so that a vessel can pass no way without being in great danger of being taken. We daily see them from our town, and scarce a day passes but we hear of some vessel being taken. . . Our road, were our ships ride at anchor, is so naked that they may be fetched out at pleasure. About two months ago several great guns were sent from London to plant at our seadside to secure the road, which lie in the town unmounted, so that people cry out there is no care taken"); — bl. 171, Lord Arlington aan Williamson, aan boord van The Prince (17 Juni): de Hertog beklaagt zich over „our Igeneral dejeotion at London, believing the whole engagement had been more unhappy than it was"; zendt daarom Williamson een relaas toe opgesteld door Savile 1), om in het Fransch en Engelsch te worden uitgegeven; — bl. 171, William Bridgeman, aan boord van The Prince, aan Williamson (17 Juni): „since the account of the fight sent you this morning 2), the King s) has had a list of the killed and wounded, the former amounting at most to between 700 and 800, and the latter to about as many more, besides those lost in the Royal James"; — bil. 172, 173, 204, onderschepte brieven van Hollanders te Londen aan hunne correspondenten in Holland; — bl. 177, brief van Robert Custis uit Botterdam (18 Juni): „on the 15* instant our magistrates and burgomasters sent for me to know if I thought any peace might be had *) with H. M, I answerd that being

1) Het stuk van bl. 163.

2) Het stuk van Savile.

3) Die op dit oogenblik aan boord was.

4) Schr. had eene volmacht om op te treden in het belang van Engelsche krijgsgevangenen en stond daaromtrent in verkeer met de Admiraliteit.