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no counsel of H. M., I oould assure them nothing of his intentions, yet that it was never too late, or to soon at present, to crave it. Whereupon they have resolved to put themselves in posture of defence, and the rulers in genera! have all resolved to take in the Prince of O-range' s forces to their succour, with resolution that this city, Amsterdam and Dort, shall stand out and defend themselves; interim to send messengere to our King for peace, and they wül call in their fleet, and rather'make conditions with England than yield to the French. This I hear not only in general, but verbally our burgomaster, van Soelen, before witnesses desired me to write, so that it would be neccssary H. M. have speedy notice of this. They assure me messengers are sent to him. God send us a good peace, which I am confident may now be done with honour to H. M. and good for the nation"; — bL 204, Arlington aan Boreel (21 Juni): „H. M., having read Y. E.'s paper of the 20th instant, containing an offer of the States-General to depute four Commissioners to H. M. to concert conditions upon which a peace may be made between hun and the States-Geueral, adding that the like overture has been made to H. M. O. M,, commands this answer to be retumed: that, being united with the M. C. King in this war, neither of the parties can treat without the communication of the other, and accordingly he is sending Viscount Halif ax to import the overture to the M. C. King"; — bl. 210, „H. M.'s gracious Declaration for encouraging the subjects of the U. P. of the Netherlands to transport themselves with their estates, and to stettle in this H. M,'s kingdom of England" (22 Juni); — bl. 211, bericht van Mcholas Tavenor, „an Englishman that dwelt long in Holland", zoo juist in Engeland aangekomen; — bl. 226, „instructions for George, Viscount Halifax, going as Envoy Extraordinary to the M. C. King" (24 Juni); — bl. 255, anonymus uit Hampton Court (30 Juni), over de onderlinge gesprekken der Holl. gedeputeerden: „M. Boreel proposed to make an absolute submission to the King and his government of their present State, but the two ohthers 1) opposed it, and said it were better to expect their next letters from Holland first"; — bl. 257, berichten over Holland, van den kapitein der paket; — bl. 260, Nathauiel Herne (1 Juli): „I have letters from my friends in Amsterdam...; they seem irclinable to send their goods hither, if they may be assured they may be safe. I understand the declaration intends freedom only to such as will transport themselves as well as their estates, and also that many of the goods they would send hither cannot be imported by reason of the Navigation Act, so I desire to kno wif I may encourage them to send their goods not withstanding that Act.. .; in my opinion it is for the advantage of this nation to have their estates, by which this will be made the staple, and H. M. will receive advantage by bis customs"; — bl. 312 Robert Yard aan Williamson 2) (Whitehall 15 Juli): „Yesterday morning a gentleman 3) arrived from the Prince of Orange, who has been twice with the King and talks of returning in a day or two"; — bl. 319, Henry Stubbe aan Williamson (18 Juli); is bozig aan een Address to the King's Subjects; „to the completing his work I conceive it will be of great importance to H. M.'s service that I be furnished with some of those pictures as are most contumelious to this

1) Halewijn en Dijkvelt.

2) Die thans in Holland is.

3) Reede; vgl. Fruin, Verspr. Qeschr. IV, 354.