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nation (not personal to the King) and against the Parliament, whom I purpose, if possible, to render complacential to the Court. I hear that in the State House of Amsterdam our Ambassasors at Breda are represented kneeling to their Ho. Mo. I have the inscription of De Witt at Dort.... The mie I go by is this: that no nation is more zealous for their honour than te English; that if they be put into a great passion they forget their particular interests and animosities"; — bl. 334, Lord Clifford aan Williamson, Whitehall 22 Juli: „Mr. Seymour arrived here last night 1)... He tells us that the Prince of Orange is not yet inclired to hearken to what has been propsed to him a); so we suppose the Ambassadors are on their way home, seeing no probability of a present conclusion in what they expected"; — bL 403: anonymus aan Arlington, Hampton Court 6 Aug.: „the Deputies 3) pretend not to have received any letters from the States these twelve days, suspecting they are stopped by orders from this Court, as they receive letters from their friends by some other way, mentioning that the States had resolved orders should be sent them to hinder here, if they could, H. M. ratifying the last treaty made by the King of France with our Ambassadors, which'order was not yet come to their hands"; — bL 452, anonymus aan Arlington, Hampton Court 16 Aug.: vertrek van Halewijn en Boreel; „by their secretaries I understood they were not pleased that they had not received information from their masters of what Dr. Bompf and another from the Prince *) were come here about, which they had been informed from London was to offer £ 400.000 and a yearly sum for the fishing.... These Deputies told me at their departure, that during their present governement they would never return to England, seeming as if they thought it would speedily change, and be settled wholly in the Prince of Orange"; — bl. 683 dagboek van Williamson: , June 25. Lord Halifax parted early. Sylvius with him"; „Aug. 7. Sir Gabriel Sylvius comes from Holland, and with him Dr. Rompff from the Prince of „Orange;" Aug. 10. Dr. Bompff parted for the Hague by Harwich"; „Sept. 23. Yesterday arrived the Heer de Reede from the Prince of Orange, but, as he himself says, only with a compliment and without any business 5). Certain it is they in Holland are no ways disposed to give us any reasonable peace, being puffed with the hopes of the axiliary forces from Germany, and contining ever, notwithstanding the exaltation of the Prince in the management of their affaires, in their inveterate ül-will to us and our trade."

2672—1673. — Een gedeelte 8) is gevuld met stukken die mislegd waren en eigenlijk in de beide vorige deelen hadden moeten worden opgenomen. Uit dit gedeelte: bil. 356, 358, 359, 360, 361: brieven van Thomas Langley, uit Harwioh (April—Mei 1672); berichten over Holland en de HolL vloot; — bL 265, Thomas Lovell, kapitein der Henrietta die Buckingham en Arlington naar Holland had overgebracht, 5 Juli 1672: „I being at several places, the general cry was, „Live the Prince of Orange and the King of England, and the Devil take the French and the States of Holland." They likewise report of 6.000 soldiers drawn from the fleet to

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