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generall stayes of ahipping, or whether they use to take up by comission and merchants shipps to serve for men of warr, or for transportacion against the owners wills. And what allowance they make to the said owners for the service, how much upon each tonne, or in what other sorte, whether the merchant furnisheth them or the State.


41. When their shipps remayne in harbour, what number of shipkeepers are continually maintained aboard, and with what allowance.

42. Whether their sailes, ordnance, and other provisions continue aboard or are brought into the store house and there kept till time of service.

43. What cables are used for morings in harbour, and what is the yearely charge of moring each shipp.


44. At what times they use to take either generall or perticuler surveyes of shipps, what officers and what assistants take the same surveys, and what meanes they use to finde the true state of them, whether they be sound or no.

45. By whose directions and in what manner they are repayred, in dry doek or otherwise.

46. What becometh of all their decayed shipps, whether they be sold or are ffees to the officers.


47. What is the charge and proffit of the Vice Admirall, what i3 their Admiralty office, priviledge, power, allowance and ffee.

48. Where be the seales of the courts of the Admiralty in Holland, Zeiand and Fryzland.

49. What officers and ministers belong to every court, and what be the severall dutyes and allowances of each.

50. Whether the said officers keepe alwayes together in one place, or have power to divide themselves and execute severall dutyes apart.

51. Whether the same officers which governe their navy and make their provisions, doe alsoe sitt in judgement in maritime causes.

52. What is the charge, allowance and vailes of the secretary, fiscall, master of the arsenall and his assistant.

53. Who keepeth thé accompts of all charges of their navy, and whether they have not a propper treasurer for sea mattere.

54. In what manner this accompt is made, and whether itbenot possible to get a copy thereof or at least the heads of their accompts sett downe in the same perticuler order as they passé in their councill.