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veut qu'il préfère toujours ce party a celuy d'en prendre en Angleterre; mais en cas qu'il fust impossible d'en faire venir, et que les vaisseaux de S. M. fussent obligez de relascher a Chatan, il pourra en acheter en Angleterre, et pour eet effet S. M. luy fera donner des lettres de credit de 30.000 livres, dont il ne se servira qu'avec la participation du dit S.r ambassadeur et dans 1'extremité. II tiendra aussy le dit S.r ambassadeur adverty de tout ce qui se passera, et luy escrira régulièrement toutes les semaines. Ledit S.r ambassadeur ayant proposé les 8.™ Paul et Denise pour servir dans les ports de Chatan et Portsmuth sous les ordres du dit Vauvray, il se servira de leur secours dans toutes les occasions oü il en aura besoin.

15. „RELATION of one of Sir George Downing's Domesticks", 30 Maart 1672 »).

That upon Saturday the 19* March instant he was at Amsterdam; that their shipps of warr were none of them removed from their respective places, nor like to remove in 14 dayes. Yet that they were at worke upon them with all possible diligence, but were slenderdy provided of men, and their greatest hopes was upon the returne of their merchant men, which were abroad, to be supplyed by them, at their coming home.

That upon Friday last being the 2501 instant he came from Rotterdam with a Yaght of that Admiralty which had order to make a stop of all English shipps, which was accordingly executed the next day, and there were then onely 7 or 8 English vessels in the Maes.

That he viewed their men of warr in the Maes and that they were not in a greater forwardnesse then those of Amsterdam, but that they were then also using all possible diligence there in the fitting them out as in all their other admiralties. And it was said that they hoped to be able to make ready abont 60 men of warr each of 60 gunns and upwards, and 24 smalle, besides many fire shipps. That the officers of the new leavyes doe find great diffioulty in raising their men. That on Satturday last he was on board the packett boat coming for England he saw 15 shipps which were of their Smirna fleet before the Maes, and two of their men of warr which was their convoy. That the report was from those shipps thatt there were 5 of their Merchant shipps taken and one of their men of warre, and that they were in feare of another man of warre being lost. That capitain de Bois commander of one of their convoyes his arme was shott off and he carryed into Hellevoet Sluys.

1) R. O., Holland 188.