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estre fait cette campagne et mesme la prochaine, pour 1'execution, tant de ses propes desséins, que de ceux qui. luy sont communs avec V. M.; et comme il m'a dit qu'il vouloit dans peu de jours tenir sur ce sujet un conseil avec quelques-uns des ministres et moy, j'en attendray le resultat pour en informer V. M. par le moyen d'un courrier.


The last of May I passed through Rotterdam and Dort; I found in many places great disorder amongst the country people, upon the raiseing the twelfth man, the weomen haveing affronted the officers and offred violence to them; three or foure are brought prisoners to Rotterdam. The Dutch ambassador was arrived at Rotterdam from England, I spoke with one of his servants, who told me that on Snnday last they passed through the two fleets, which were between Ostend and the river of London; he farther says that the Dutch admirall fired to bid the English come on, they having the weather gage, but there was some difference between the English and French. The l8t arrived an advice yacht from the fleet with the same account, and that the Dutch fleet lay before Ostend, not haveing been as yet engaged.

The 2 and 3 I was at Amsterdam, where I saw thousands of people on the Haarlemmerdyck expecting news, by the post wagon, of the fleet, who arriving, they were told as above, without any further particulars. This day the Spiegel with another man of warre sailed to the Texell, it is said that yet 4 men of warre are ordered to be fitted out, and more. I was told by a merchant, that the admiralty here have resolved to sett out yet 10 men of warre and that the rest of the provinces are to doe proportionable, for a reserve for the fleet: but I say that though they have ships they have no men. Wee expect here with much impatience the successe of the engagement. I am goeing to the Texell and will not be wanting to give you a particnlar account of all things.

34. D'ESTRÉES AAN LODEWIJK XIV, 6 Juni 1672 2).

Je n'ay garde de laisser partir une barque de M. d'Elbeuf qui vient d'arriver pour aprandre des nouvelles de cette armee, et qui veut s'en retourner incontinent, sans faire scavoir par cette occasion que l'on a apris aujourd'huy des vaisseaux marchands qui ont passé dans 1'armée d'Hollande, qu'elle a abandonné le poste oü elle estoit pour gagner le Texel, oü aparamment Popinion qu'elle a eu de 1'arrivée prochaine de la flotte des Indes et la crainte de de ne pouvoir joindre

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