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Leyden, Rotterdam, and most Townes in Holland have sworne tostand it out to the uttermost, but Utrecht had prepared to yeeld to the French tiil the Prince incouridged them against itt, and more places must have followed their example. I presume yon have beard that Orsoye, Wesell, Burich and Rhinebergh is French, but Schencken Schans hath made them a brave resistance, kild the son of the Prince of Conde' and three other Princes, and the Prince of Conde' wounded, and seaverall kild, as the common report here sayth, but this helps not, the French are in the midle of the country, and they like to overrun all, but with can be sett under water, which makes such distraction here that all here are weary of the warr, and thinck of peace Our high stomaeks are com downe, and deputys aregonfor England to His Majestie to treat for a peace before the country is destroyed, and deputys are allsoe gon to the French King. the success of which all long to know, the people are soe mnch for England that if the English came over they might have the townes in possession onely to keep out the French. The fleet is said to be called in, that the seamen may be sett against the French, who are as low downe as Culemborgh, and give saufe guarde to them but refuse it to them of Viana over against Utrecht. This country will be lost, at least ruyned if England help not in tyme, and more from the readynes of many hear to yeeld to the French, then else. It seems to most men to be His Majesties interest to save this country from falling under the irench, to which it was never nearer then now, and in all probabihty His Majestie maye have his desyre of this country at this tyme A report here is, the Brandenburgher is coming to our assistance, and tis said the Lunenburgher allsoe, the truth of which a little tyme will shew. Noe appearance yet of the East India shipps, tho supposed by all to be neere us, nor they argue they are like to argue for the *rencb, who with gayning the country gayn all. For they have in effect gott it, and unies England help, all is lost to a few townes who will adhere to the Prince, and by his interest may hold out, but the country will be ruyned and can never have any trade soe long as the French possesseth the Mase and the Rhine. To aprehend the misery were are in you must thinck of the destruction of Troye Jerusalem, and Rome besiedged by Haniball; but the latter sutes not soe will with us, for the buyers were found for the field where Hanyballs army was, before Rome: those here which lately thronged ïnto the comptoires.to lend money to the Estate, cannot find abuyer here will give 50 per cent for the Estates bond delyvered for the money lent, and banck money which was at 4 per cent above currant money is now a la pari, and the East India actions lower then ever. To describe our sad condihon at present, requires a better penn than mine, and more leasure I doubt then you have to read^ I am concerned in this