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a good horse may be rode in 2 or 3 howers tyme, and they are about the same distance from Amsterdam, which puts us all into confusion here and makes the generallytie of the people crye out upon the magistrates that they have sold the country and people to the French. Ardenburgh on the other side of Zealand by Sluyce in Flanders, is allsoe surprised by the French, and it is reported too, Sluyce in Flanders, that strong place, and which cost soe much blood to take itt, is or will be shortly allsoe in the hands of the French. Our army under the Prince of Orange is small, not 6000 men by what I could judge, when I was last weeke at te Princes quarters, the burghers etc, 6000 gon to the assistance of the Prince are unexperienced, and not yet used to warr. This day is com up from the fleet unto this citty severall companies of our land souldiers, which have served on bord the fleet under the name of marinier, or souldats de marine, which are men good at a passé, and for the present service, but the whole number is too small to resist the great numbers of the French, and which is worse, our government and people are under a pannick fear of the French, and which is yet worse, and worst of all, the greatest part of the Estates and men in governement especyally in Holland are much inclined to the French, and expect move favour from the French King, and his government, then from there fellow magistrates who love the Prince, and respect the King of England, and therefore it is, that de Witt and his partie here, have done soe much by sea,'and soe little by land, in this warr, to the end the brother of de Witt at sea might gayn honnour, and at land, the Prince dishonnour, the latter att land being tyed up to his Master's orders, whilst O de Witt at sea had all in his owne disposition. Off tbis there was asuffycient proof, or example, in the loss of Utrecht, where the Prince of Orange and the people were one to deffend the place, but the Estates sent the Prince orders to withdraw and leave the place to the mercy of the ennemy, in order to an old design this Estate have had, to make Holland head of the other provinces, and in as much as in them lyes to make the other provinces depend on Holland as conquered provinces, and not according to the union. Off what Utrecht did to keep out the French there is a small deduction made, which I think to send you in my next. I am assured the French are very

i) that are the best of the French army, what then will

be the worst! Here is a report (which I cannot yet take for truth) that the French King or those in Utrecht of his party, demand of the citty 120 thousand pounds sterling, and that the citty shall burne downe the suburbs, and build two cittadells or forts

1) Een woord afgescheurd. De bedoeling zal zijn dat de Fransche troepen slechte krijgstucht houden.