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to secure the citty in subjection, whilest for the present, those people are forced to révérence the French at the goeing in and out of there gates, the French like princes, and the inhabitants like slaves! This week wee have had noe post from Utrecht, it is stopt; tho but 6 howers goeing and 4 howers rideing (or less) wee can heare nothing from thence, our dayly frightes and feares are unspeakable, abundance of people have left the country here, and doe dayly, especyally women, and the young and handsomer sort By the inclosed *) you will see what the uproars at Dort hath produced, wee have had the like here, tho not to that hight, our town secretary was like to have .his brayne knockt out, by the people, and had been kil'd had not a company of burghers rescued him, the like was don to myn heer Niewport at Schydam (Ambassador in England in Cromwell's tyme Upon the whole matter, if the King of England interpose not, and very speedyly this country wil be all in the hands of the french, for the peoples bitterness against the men in power will butt make them lay the peoples bands the firmer, and not being able now to doe it themselves will get the French to doe it, in hopes with one to provyde an interest for themselves. They are like the phannatticks in England of late, envyous, slye and proud, and dishonnest and disloyall, loveing to be uppermost.

Not a French merchant here buth hath his brevet, or safe guarde from the French court; I wish I could have somewhat from you for my saffty allsoe, of which I expect to heare from you, and humbly begg you will not fayle me, for I shall want it, unies something be don by his Majestie for a speedy peace upon the treat, now ou fooi Wee have a sad tyme here God amend itt.

68. „INSTRUOTIONS to our right trusty and right entirely beloved Cousin and councellour George Duke of Buckingham, and our right trusty and right and right will beloved Cousin and councellour Henry Earle of Arlington, our principal Secretary of State, our embassadours extraordinary to the most Chriatian King, and plenipotentiaryes to treate and conclude a peace, with the States Genera], or any other Princes and States concerned m the present warre. At Whitehall the 1»* July 1672" 2).

Charles R.

After you have embarqued yourselves, you shall goe directly to our dearest brother the Duke of Yorke, and shall acquaint him with the whole matter of your embassy, and what you goe about; you shall also advise with.him what course it were best for him to take, to bring over unto us any part of the ennemys fleete, if it be thought

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2) R. O., Holland 189.