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cientyearly summe to be paid us by the Townes and country, for the maintaming the garrisons we shall putt into them

You shall make the best conditions you can for our nephew the Fnnce of Orange, by making him Prince (if possible) of Holland, and as much of the other countryes as you can, or at least that he, and admiÏaT9 ^ ^ ^ ^ 8tadtholders> S^nerals and

You shall procure an adjustment of trade in tbe East Indyes as we have desired formerly.

You shall procure that right be done us in the business of Surinam, and upon most of these heads, you shall have reference totheprojec given to the Duke of Buckingham.

You shall give protections to any of our subjects in the United Provinces or those who have corresponded with us, as likewise passes to a l such, as shall desire to transport their persons and estates into England, and in passing through their country, you may use what endeavours you thmk fitt, that any of their townes and places may declare for us, and if the isle of Walcheren will declare for us, you may give your protections for their last India fleet to come in there ln case you find, you cannot conclude a peace upon these, or the like conditions you shall make what hast you can to returne to us, and the yachts that carry you, shall accordingly attend you

But though you doe not conclude a peace with the States General, yet you shall make conditions with his most Christan Majesty for our nephew the Pnnce of Orange, as our treaty with the said King doth allow, and if it be possible you shall procure for him the places that shall be conquered in Holland or Zealand (that is not our partage)or that shall submit upon owning him their Sovereign, but this mustbe left to you upon the place, to get the best conditions you can for him.

You shall endeavour all you can to get his most Christian Majesty to consent that (m case the warre be not ended) his fleet doe winter here in our ports, representing to him the danger and hazard there will otherwise be in our joyning, and you may well doe this from the hazard there was this present yeare.

In all these particulars, and whatever else you shall judge to be ol our service in this great conjuncture, you shall constantly, and at large give us accounts from time to time. C R


Beminden vrindt de negotie staet nu gansch'stil daer en gaetniet om, en Saterdagh tusschen twaelf en eene is de Prince Stadhouder

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