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were many, for the eonveniency of the convoy, but that their own company was but about 40 persons.

However the bourgemaster returned, and wee did not find that aiiybody was hindred from comeing into the towne

In two hours after the Amb™ sent to the Conde de Montrey, who

rl°r * eI°I *T ^ *° kD0W if * were agreable to his Ex. y that they dm make him their respects. He answered by his secretary to him that carryed the message, that he would imediately send

^ThT / ?! M^qUiS de M°UrbeC' ^P*"11 of his «««ds, which milA ï\Jld'nnd 1 WaS' thathi8Exellencydesiredtheirmeeting might be at the Carmehtes Convent; there the ambassadors in his coach conducted by the Marquis imediately rendered themselves, and in a quarter of a houre after, the Conde came attended by severall persons of qnahty. There they confered neare an hour, somelimes tanding sometimes sitting, the Conde in the middle and the Amb" on his nght and left hand.

The Lords had a great mind to have been goeing that day, but LZl imTaMY?°n ?C ^ °f Wa^s' and a» other emer-

hSrJÏ \ fred t0 reS* thatdayat Antwerp. The Conde

,UDdrt00d " °rdered i4 80 (for * was certainly at his cost and by his designement) that their Lordshipps were invited to dine that day at Monsieur le Comte de Marcin, where were mett most of the pnncipall persons of quality in the Towne: the Internonco,the Pnnee d tf?ï^ £"nDuke dC M0Dtalt°'the Comte de B^ny, the Marquï more In a 2°™?» °{*h° and «ne or fwo command'ers

more. In a quarter of an hour steps in as it were by surprise the Conde himself and so they sate to dinner where the enterta nm ent was great and noble, and healths went round apace. After dinner

n nee tLW6rn T * de M™D to the cittadell, and

thence the other raretyes of the Towne.

The next morning the lords were resolved to be going for Gand

surDrai8Jrbar ^ M/ Sy,ViM' fr°m HolIand -ch L W

TS^LÏ, ^V11 w°Unt °f hi8 ™eW>n by the Prince of Orange .found ' ' ^ eDtertainmen*.the message he carryed had

This made the ambassadors breake all their former resolves and

fo the"?!6 0pemaine ? ADtWerP' tiU C0Dld M/SylvTus rh Wlth aD aCCOunt of thi8 ■»««. and an answër

Ï^irtoTh-W 5hT,°f ^ KiDg'S miBd * thi* busineZ s3. And thefr Ï ï' lordshlPs mea»° *> take their further meaTL ltrl rfF?7 .eiD# * WaS th°U*ht fitt *<> dismisse

Xrnooo^e ^Z T^T^ G™d»> which was *»• ^at atternooone, after they had been all presented from the greatest to