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they must bee obliged to make a great round, such a one as would in probability . wast the regiment or at the best delay them so long from his Majesty's use of them. Coming hither I thought it worth my pains to- make the tryall, and succeeding in it I have given the Ministers and his grace the Duke of Monmouth account thereof, making choice of Mr. Wattson to bee the bearer of this dispatch; att the same time he may have the opportunity of solliciting his Majesty to command an embarkation to bee ready for them at Dunkirke to transport them into England, and wee humbly hope his Majesty looses no time in making his preparations for a descent in some of those places he pretends to, without which wee cannot bee very well assured hee will bee able to gett them by treaty, being upon this disadvantage with the French that they reckon thirty five places of some value bat they have actually taken, whereas wee must value ourselves upon the mischiefe wee may hereafter doe.

Wee have sent away the Kings \coach, waggons, houshold, and guards, which they with much seeming difficulty opposed, saying they were ordered to wayte upon us to the Seaside, accordingly wee on our parts have held ourselves obliged to make them large and unusuall presents according to their treatement of us, of which we shall give an account at our returne. ,

If this great matter end by treaty the Spaniards are like to bee great loosers, wee teil them they have no way to save themselves but by promoting our leaving considerable places in the neighbourhood to them; if the war go on, they may chance to bee savers by keeping to themselves the places into which they have cast their troopes viz. Boisleduc, Breda, Hulst, Bergen op Zom, Sluse, Cadsand, Ardenbourg, le Zas de Gand, reckon with those M.r de Louvigny commands to be twelve thousand at least.

Wee hear no other news of our fleet but that being in sight of the Texel a great storme tooke them, and obliged them to putt to sea. The Dutch say their fleet lyes still in the Wielings and that it is not haled in as was reported. Nothing could bee assuredly of more advantage to his Majesty both for the present and the future, then the burning them, if it were a feasible thing. The world speaks so variously of the Dutch East India fleet's returne, that wee cannot make any judgment of it.


Nous avons été extrêmement surpris de voir revenir M. Sylvius sans nous apporter un seul mot de lettre de V. A., ainsi nous avons

1) R. O., Holland 190. — Uit Antwerpen.