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Pompone had order to give us his Majesties answer. Upon which ivee went to Mons.r de Pompone, and found him preparing a letter ;o your Lordships, which he said he was to shew the King tomorrow norning, and that therefore Sr. Gabriel Sylvius could not part till noone. Hee added that his Majesty had commanded him to teil us, :hat the Prince of Orange having made noe kind of offer on his part, ;hat might be a subject to treate upon, he thought the ambassadors would doe well to goe strafte away to London; that he himself meant fvithin few days to goe to Paris, and if the Prince of Orange had mything to aske of him, or of the King of England, it was free for him to sind his deputyes to Paris and to London when hee pleased. 3r. Gabriel Sylvius asked him, if your Lordships would not doe well to advertise the Prince of Orange of this; that whatever his Highnesses resolutions upon it might be, there might be noe time lost in it. To which he answered he saw no hurt in the ambassadors taking notice of it to the Prince, there having heen allready so much commerce betwixt them and him. But that the King his Master was absolutely of opinion, that it would not be fit for the King of England, and himself, to make any farther overtures, but rather expect them from Holland. I have given your Lordship this account by this bearer, becanse I reckon he will be with you a day sooner then Sr. Gabriel Sylvius, by whome I will write againe, and indeavour to supply what I may have omitted in this letter. Crevecceur yielded the day after you parted from hence, and Bommel was taken this morning, soe that there is noe more left to be done here, unlesse they besiege some of these greate townes which Mons.r de Louvoy declared was not their intention. Mons.r de Luxemburgh hath sent the King word, that if his Majesty pleases to give him leave, hee will answer it with his life, if he doth not force the Prince of Orange out of bis intrenchements.

83. BERICHT UIT AMSTERDAM, 4 Aug. 1672»).

The Burgomaster Poll having ordered the keys of the gates to be brought to him, the burghers immediately got in armes, and went and fetched the keys back againe, breaking at the same time all his windows and plundering his house, who was at length forced to send for a party of soldiers for his assistance, though that offended them more, so that it seemed a civile warre.

1) R. O. News Letters 55. — Ongeteekend, zonder adres. — Translaat, naar het schijnt, van een origineel van den berichtgever P.