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I find the best intelligence they hare is froni comte de Monterey who sends daily expresses to Don Emanuell de Lyra giveing notice of what places are like to be attempted, and where they must provide for, and what is designed in England and France from time to time. As I deyned with Don Erna nu el there came an express the day I left the Hague from comte de Monterey, and after the letters were uncifered, he told me that the English would attempt somthing within 15 dayes in Zealand or Holland, but helieved it would be in Zealand: and that the French made great preparations in Dunckerk.

In the conferences I have had with those that are neere the Prince of Orange I have demonstrated that he can never be well setled nor secure of his establishment or life, if the King of England have not som places in Zealand or Holland. I was yesterday at Zirczée and at Tergoes where I have som acquaintances of credit and power and of the States of Zealand, to whom I held the same discourse I have don to those of Amsterdam. Because they know me to have been passionat for the Spanish interest, they give the more credit to what I say or represent, and I assure your Excellence that the best passport and the surest is to weare a redd scarfe.

1 have som 15 dayes agoe acquainted your Excellence in my dispach from Midlebourg l) how the fleet had orders to goe towards the Texel to secure the Indian fleet and to fight the English fleet if mett with. The first order was to goe to Solesbay, where they heard thé English fleet was returned much shattered by foule weather, and surprise them there. Upon the advise of the Indian fleets arrivall at Delfzil orders were sent imediately to the fleet to sayle that way to secure it least the English should assault it there, and as the. fleet went by the Texel two great ships of Rotterdam of 90 guns and a fireship, and five from Amsterdam of 80 guns and 3 fireships joyn'd with it, and de Ruyter sent word the fleet was as considerable as strong, and as well resolved to fight as he conld wish, and wish'd to meet with the enemy. Now I must teil your Excellence that the chiefe leading men that now govern the affaires at the Hague, assure that within 5 or 6 dayes the business of the Treasury would be setled and ways found to raise money; the two hundreth penny is granted by which the Prince of Orenge assures Don Emanuel de Lyra that in 15 dayes it would raise four millions of florins; they assure likewise that the people finding the French attempt nothing more, and that the English cannot land any where whilst their fleet is at sea,' and so considerable, haveing by this meaus time to com to themselves, they will contribute halfe their substance to sett out a very strong fleet next yeare, haveing the whole winter to provide for it, and will so fortifie the

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