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present posts taken by their Army, that the Provinces of Holland and Zealand will be inaccessable and not to be reduced by all the power of Christendome: that haveing the four Provinces that are leftentire, they will be more considerable at sea then before, and prove formidable, and build yearly such a number of great ships that iu a very few yeares fhey will not care for all the power of Christendome; that the lost provinces were more chargeable to them then of advantage, that the French King cannot maintaine them, now that the Emperor and the other princes of Germany are declared; that they will havea considerable Army at Gullen, and a considerable body by Maestrick and Liege and to hinder all communieation from those places the French have taken, that they have assurance before a month the French will abandon Utrecht and Arnem; I believe the reason that induces them to think this, is because the French doe not fortifie themselves in those places. They assure further that Spayne will declare warr against France and England, or that the French King will declare it against Spayne; that the King of England proving so successless in this warre in his attempts on the Smyrna fleet, and on this now arrived at Delfzil, his ships daily taken by their privatiers in great number, and haveing no money to continue the warr, they conclude, aud so doe the Spanish ministers, an insurrection infalhble in England, and they hope to see the authors and abetters of this warr reduc'd to seeke refuge elsewhere; moreover they averr, if the Farliament meets, it will be no more prorog'd or dissol ved by the King, and they say to have this from very sure hands, and make the forraigne ministers at the Hague believe it, and I have this from som of them, as well as from themselves. They presume the province of Groningue out of all danger, believing the siege of that town raised by the arrival of the two regiments tbat were in Amsterdam and embarked for that place. I am apt to believe this siege raised because the German forces onely are no great takers of towns, for no part of the French forces is joyned with that Army; the Bishop of Munster in my judgement would have don better to raise the siege and fall upon Delfzil upon the first arrivall of the fleet, before they could putt the place into any condition.

I will stay at Midleburg for two or three days to see what my friend has don, for I have induc'd him, after my dispach from thence to your Ex.ele som 15 dayes time, to embrace the effecting of the huisiness is as much as in him lyeth, to sound his friends, and to contrive how the business may be compass'd; I will runn any danger to contribute to the effecting thereof, and to testifie by my endeavors, discourses, friends, labor and the danger I incurr, had much I desire his Majesties service and glory.