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88. BARON DE W. AAN ARLINGTON, 17 Aug. 1672

I have spent these two last dayes at Midlebourg and I hope to som pnrpose. It seemes that the Estates apprehend som designe upon the Island of Walckeren, sinee six companies of horse are comanded thither, wherof four arrived yesterday.at Tre^air; Comte de Oonismark is eom thither to see the condition of the Island. I mett to the number of 14 companies of foott arrived at Flussing for the garrison of that town; four of the companies are sent from this place, one from Philippine, the rest from Bergopzom and therabouts, they are pittifull men; they will take none at Midlebourg. If the designe be to land there, which I think is best and the feasablest, it must be don out of hand, for in the whole Island there are at present besides these men that are now arrived and the townsmen, but 3000 paysants that signifie nothing and wiil not stand to make any resistance; this my friend assures me of, and desires me to assure he will contribut to the business I have acquainted him with, as much as he can possibly; he would not he sayes for the world betray his contrey, but he is of opinion this is to serve it, and that it can never prosper so well as annexed to the Kingdom of England; he has allready venterd to speake his seuse to his friends, who are of the same opinio.n being convinc'd by what he alleaged, and som five dayes agoe finding a fitt opportunity at open council when the present state of the province was treated of, he venter'd to deliver his sense, and lay'd open the business to the full, but none spake a word in answer, but were all silent, and asking afterwards the cause of their silence of particular friends, they answered, they durst not, for feare of offending the Prince of Orange and ruining his fortune by it, though they are most of them persuaded in their hearts, that the Prince is engaged to the King of England to deliver him that Island, and that his greatest payne is, how to contrive it handsomly, so that he may not be suspected to have a hand in it, for the States of the Province, upon intimation had from the States General and from Comte de Monterey to looke to the security of that province and that the preparations of the King of England are very great for landing of men somwhere and most probably in that province, they wrote very earnestly to his Heighness to invite him to visit the province and provide it with sufficiënt forces for its defence, and the Prince neglects coming; seeing that, they take themselves the best course they can. All the people of this province continue very tumultuous and seditious over all thelslands; on Saturday last those of Flussing assembleg and of their own authority

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