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changed the magistrats in imitation of .those of Midlebourg; those of Tergoes did the like, those of Midlebourg were to assemble this day upon a letter the Prince wrote to them, reprehending their seditions and displacing of Magistrats without any other authority but their own. Monsieur Audick is there pretending som rights for the Prince in the prises, which are above 40 within these 14 dayes, which the prisemen wil not consent unto, and som of them are so bold as to say, that they see well the Prince desires not to have much harme don to the Eing of England's subjects.

In conclusion am desir'd by my frind to assure His Majesty and his plenipotentiaries of his faithfull respects and services and of severall other of his friends who looks upon this affair as a great happiness to their contrey, he desires no publick adresses may be made to him upon any occasion, for thatt he will be more able to conduce the execution thereof, not appearing publickly till at a fitt opportunity; he advises to designe it suddainly, that those of the province must see themselves in greater extremity then appeares, before they can well think of any such resolution; that the fleet is 'only provided with provisions for but the end of September, because they think that winter will then begin, and the season unfitt for any action or enterprise, that they will have the whole winter to provide for their security, and to putt out an infinit number of capers to molest the comerce, and that a resolution is taken to fortifie the island of Walkeren as soone as it may be possible in such a manner as that it may be able to subsist of itself and prove another Tunis; that about six weeks agoe they wanted men, but since the liberty given to capers, men Hoek thither from all parts, as Germany, Ostend, Dunquerck and from all parts of Flanders, so that they have now men enough; that the island of Walckeren alonc hath twenty capers out at sea, that those of Flussing are putting out 8 more this next weeke, that those of Amsterdam begin to sett out many, and that they believe all the provinces whill have in a short time som 200 capers abroad which will infest the coast of Spayne as well as the Mediterranean Seas; that those of Flussing intends to goe four capers togeather allways to sea accompanied .with a fireship, for to be able to fight the convoys: in conclusion, that it is convenient to attempt upon the island of Walkeren with all expedition, that there are three places to land in in the island, on the side of Trevaire, where there is a good battery which gards the dike, som mariners and burgers of Trevaire with 2 companies of horse keepe that battery, which is a kind of a fort; the other and easiest place to land in is at Westcapel, where there is a battery on each side garded hitherto by paysants; the third place is betwixt Westcapel and Flussing called Southland; those of Midlebourg resolved yesterday in Council to joyne som of the