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itselfe is the only thing in the world that can give peace to Christendom and mayntaine it; that they ought to consider though peace hapned to them as they are, they must perpetually groane under the heavy burden of so many taxes and impositions as they doe as well in paece as warr, because of the fleets and armys the States, if they should continue, must allways and forever keepe on foott, that they will not change their religion, their churches, ministers, be ruin'd in their fortunes or estates, but only change master for their greater advantage and honor, and that no towns in the Island shall be troubled with lodging of soldiers then they are at present; that those of the States, of the magistrates, gueldens, or of the people that shall appeare most active and forward in takeing this resolution or cause it to be taken by others, shall be eminently considered, rewarded, and advanced to honor etc. When this message is delivered and scattered amongst the people and that it coms to consultation and it must, then my friend and his party will advise it, press it, and advance it with all their friends and power, and shall oppose openly any other that shall advise or endeavor the contrary.

I am forced to write all this without cipher, haveing not yett received that which your Ex.ce promised to leave for me. If it is requisit to receive any more eclaircissement from my friend, or that it be convenient to receive any farther information from him, or that you have anything to say to him or to desire of him, or me, be pleased to send your comands and letters under cover to my Lady Abbess of Gand, judging it to be the best and safest way. I begg of your Ex.ce to communicat this letter or contents therof to my lord Duke of Buckingham, and to believe me yours without reserve; I have not time to re-adress my letter, so your Ex.oe I hope will excuse what faults will occurr of any kind. This day I goe for Gand and the next day for Bruxelles; I send this by a servant in post that it may overtake the post that goes for England from Gand.

This place which is so important for the reducing of Zeeland may be taken in 24 houres; there are not provisions for 4 dayes, the garrison consists but of 4 Spanish companies and 8 or 9 companies of Dutch, French, and of all nations, which amounts not to above 150 men.


Den 15den ontrent 11 uyren in den nacht isser een gerucht onder eenighe van de borgers gekomen dat deselfde nacht iets notabels omtrent de Gevangenpoorte passeren wierde, ende dat daerop behoorde gelet te worden; soo isser aenstonds gepresumeert dat den gevangen

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