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back by one of the burgers who threatued that if he should presse to come forth, he would shoot him thorow, by which both brothers were obliged to draw back and to returne into their chamber and remaine there till five at night. Meantime there met together 6 companies, surrounding the prison and all the avenues thereof so that they could escape nowhere, nor any horse or other people were able to come near the prison "gate. Whereupon there arose a great alarum in so much that all shops and houses were shut up. About the said houre the burgers broke open the prison door, after they had shot well nigh 50 bullets through it, and then rushed in and fetcht down the two brothers who were no sooner come to the door but the burgers feil upon them with pikes, swords and muskets, and slew them and trod them under foot, which done the common people ran upon them, stripped them stark naked, tyed their hands and feet together and dragged them like doggs to a gallows on which they hanged them by. their feet. But this was not all; the same people when these two bodies were thus hanging with their hands downwards like slaughtered swïne feil a cutting off their fingers, ears, noses, toes, lipps, tongues, secret parts, and then ripp'd them quite open, puiling out their hearts and beating them against their faces, besides they carbonadoed them as they use to doe fishes to be broiled, so that they had no longer any resemblence of humane bodies, which was horrid to behold.

About one a clock at night were these two bodies at the desire of the States then assembled and with the consent of the burgers taken down from the gallows by publiek officers and carried into the house of the Pensionary. How they shall be disposed of, or where buried, time will shortly teil us.

The barber who by the Ruart van Putten had been bought was set at liberty" about 8 a clock in the morning. He declared openly that de Witte was the author of all the treachery, designing totakeaway the life of the Prince of Orange, and that there were 30 more conscious 'of the same plott, which he was ready to name if he were desired. Now whether His Highnes will further stirr this business and securethose other traitors, time will shew.

In Rotterdam are sold the lungs and livers of those two wretched men. A joint of a finger is sold for 6 stuvers. Their two hearts are said to have been sold for 150 ducatons to an English man and already sent for England.

There were found in the breeches of the Pensionary 17 letters containing very important matters. There is one amongst them which alone were enough to take away de Witte's life if it were not done already. That they both have been villains and traitors to their country no honest man can deny, the proofs that are amongst us doe fully evince it. If the other traitors were also destroyed it would be highly