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advantagious for his Highnesse and the whole country. They designed to poison the Prince when he lay yet in his cradle.

How this tragedy will please the King of France may easily be guessed. He hath lost two very good friends by which losse his designs are like to be defeated. The King of England 't is presumed will not much grieve at the death of these two traitors, considering that His Majesty hath often in his letters coniplained of the Lovesteinian faction and desired their suppression.

It was observed that 14 days before this tragedie was acted there sate two storks upon those gallows, which had never been seen before. Some that saw it did prognosticate that the two de Witte's should be hanged thereon, which many think to be very remarquable.

The Arminians of Rotterdam did break open the Prince's Church by night cntting in pieces 110 stooles that the women use to sitton, tearing the books they met with, yea leying their excrements upon the pulpit itself, which was done in meer spight and malice against the reformed party.

At Delft also there has been discovered great treachery. There were found in that town about 700 musquets doublé charged in some burgers houses and in horse stables which was discovered by two women. There were also some houses plundered and three men killed, others dangerously wounded.

94. EEN ONGENOEMDE AAN DEN PRINS, 23 Aug. 1672 >).

Men preparaert sich noch alhier met allen mogelicken ijver ende men maeckt alles gereet wat nodich en bedenckelick is om aen de Hollandsche seekant onfeylbaer te landen met dese lichte macn, met raste intentie om daer post te nemen en die te defenderen, sullende meer als op een plaets den alarm gemaeckt werden. Hier werden eenige duysenden sacken gereet gemaeckt om gelant sijnde die met sant te vullen ende daervan een parapet of borstweer te maken om sich daeruit te defenderen en te beletten dat geen ruyterie haer quaet doen ofte bij haer komen kan, sullende uytte revier van hier ontrent

1) R. O., News Letters 55. — „Uyt Withall". — Ongeteekend. — Adres: „Aen Sijne Hoocheit den Prinse van Orange in eygen handen te leveren". — Onderschept origineel, ingesloten bij een brief van dezelfde hand van denzelfden datum, geadresseerd „Monsieur Bisdommer, woonende int Noorteynde te 's-Gravenhage": „Monsieur Bisdommer dezen brief hiernevens komend werd UE. van hooger hant gerecommandeert in Sijne Hoocheits eygen handen te brengen daer hij is, houdt daer notitie af van dat UE. sulcken brief aen Sijne Hoocheit overgeleverd heeft, vaertwel". — Deze brief aan Bisdommer is gezegeld met een wapen dat drie plompebladeren vertoont.