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lesquels la eonfiscation ou le relaxement ont esté ordonnés. Quoyque les conseils des Roys ne doivent point rendre de comptes semblables des motifs de leurs jugemens, neantmoins il me semble que 1'amitié qui est entre le Roy nostre maistre et celuy d'Angleterre vous doit porter a luy donner eet eselaircissement, qui ne luy est pas de petite consequence pour la satisfaetion de ses sujets, ny a moy pour entretenir Ia bonne union.

Le Roy d'Angleterre vient d'arriver fort content de 1'estat oü il a laissé ses vaisseaux, et il m'asseure qu'il y en aura une grande partie qui se rendra dans peu de jours aux Dunes sous le commandement du Prince Robert pour aller vers Portsmuth sy le vent se met al'est. On attendra nostre escadre s'il demeure a 1'ouest, et qu'il n'y ayt rien a craindre dans la Manche.


The letters from Amsterdam of the 4* teil us that all possible endeavours had been used to bring their men of warr over the Pampus bnnging several flat boats togither to lift them over the shallow places, and that but one ship (called Amsterdam) was gott over, there lying' still 17 men of warr on the Pampus, which cannot get over for want of water. The rest of the Amsterdam squadron are at the Texel in a readiuesse to goe to sea togither with the ships of Hom Enckhaussen and Medenblick, so that all the men of warr that are" ready to sett sayle from the Texel, are not above 20 or 23. Those of Friesland doe lye at Harlingen and there is no appearance yet when they will be ready. At Helvoetsluys there is the squadron of the Maes, there lyes 11 great ships first, 2* and 3d rate all ready to goe to sea, and Admiral de Ruyter went thither from Amsterdam on the 3 current. Mons/ Tromp is gone to the Texel and has now certainly his commission to be admirall of Holland. Prince Maunce is gone into Friesland to give order to all the garrisons there Several troops both foot aud horse are sent thither daily to reinforce the garrisons there, for in all probability the French and the Bishop ot Munster will enter into Friesland with their armvs before it be long. The squadron of Zealand is very backward yet,'for they want seamen extremely, their best seamen being out att sea a capéring mso much that the drums doe daily beat at Amsterdam to take up seamen for the Zealand squadron; thus the Dutch fleet lyes dispersed and not ready, so that never the English had a better opportunity then now, to come upon Zealand with their fleet and to land there

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