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to engage. On this his Highnesse thought good to teek, having not roome to fight to the Eastward. Having soe tacked the fleet was brought into a very good line and order, the wind now at S. E.; his Highness prepared for the battle. The French, having the van of the fleet were ordered to carry a good sayle, hoping thereby to weather the Dutch againe. The enemy now bore downe; de Ruyter with his squadron undertook his Highness, the Zealand squadron the French, but the french carryïng sqch a sayle, they could not reach their body, only some hght of the Dutch shipps came downe upon the reer of the Irenoh, and the rest of the Zealand squadron bore done with de Ruyter upon the red. Trompe with his squadron bore downe on the blew who layd their fore topsailes to the masts to stey for them soe that betweèn 7 and 8 of the clock in the morning we engao-ed' and stood it away close by a wind to the S. W. Betweene 8 and 9 ot the clock there feil a fogg with a small raine which continued abont 10 of the clock, then it cleared up and the wind came to South, which put the French, being ahead, to wind ward of the Dutch, whereupon part of the French tacked, which was as we judged Mons.'Martel who did engage with part of the Dutch as he past them with some iew shipps, but being not seconded was forced to stand away, and all the french squadron presently after having gotten the wind stood away to the S. E., the wind then at S. 8. W, being now neer Hof the clock they stood as we judged away full two leagnes before thev tacked againe.

The Dutch seeing this took no more notice of them, but bore wholy downe upon his Highness's own division, and S.r John Harmon's, his Highness s reer admirall, being cut from him and likewise the reere admirall his division, soe that now his Highness had upon him on his Jee quarter de Ruyter and his squadron, one admirall upon his weather quarter with two flaggs more, and the Zealand squadron upon his tljghness broadside to windward, they leaving the French to beare downe upon his Highness, soe that the whole burden and brunt of the battle lay upon his Highness's division and Sr. John Harmon's; this gave noe little encouragment to the enemy to see his Highness soe left. yet his Highnesse owne division and that part of S.r John Harmon's which kept toghether behaved themselves soe well that the enemy had enough of them.

•J^l ^ighness about 11 of the clock having fought all this time with both broadesydes to windward and to Ieeward, seeing the reer admirall of the red to Ieeward, and finding noe assistance to windward did edge downe towards him, forcing the enemy to give way, and soe joyned with them, this being done about *).

i) Hiermede eindigt fol. 159 verso. Het slot ontbreekt.