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hia Highness sending two fofieshipps towards tbem gave a great stopp to de Buyter, ,

All thia time the French lay to windward of his Highness and gave his Highness not the least assistance, which if they had done, the Dutch most probebly had never received soe great a defeat in all their engagêments.

Thus did the brave Prince nndergoe the whole brnnt and shott of the enemy untül snnnsett having brought off the Royall Prince, and given the Dntch as much as they would receive, kept saile by a wind to some distance to newrigg the shipps that were a little tattered and shattered in this engagement.

The enemy, finding bis Highness's resolution, when dark night came stood away. In this engagement Trump shifted hia shipp 3 times, being disabled, and doubtless a most considerable number of their men slaine of their fleet .

For the losses in this engagement as to the Dutch, one of tfceir ships of 70 gnnns was sunck by Sir John Kempthorne and another of 60 guna burot by captaine Washbourne; 4 or 5 more snnck, and severall went of disabled.

Aa to the English loss there was not one man of warr, English c* French, taken or sunck.

For commandera, Sir Edward Spragg passing to another shipp after his owne was disabled, was unfortunatly drowned; Sr William Reeves (a peraon of great bravery) wounded, but it ia hoped in noe danger of death; captain Le Neeve alaine and one or two land officers.

For sea officers that behaved themselves with great bravery and eminently in this action, Sir John Holmes and Sir John Berry that were hia Highneas'a seeonda, Sir Roger 8trickland, Sir John Ernly, captain Legg, captain Royden of the Stavereene, eaptain Nere, captain Davies and captain Story, them and many others that deserves also very well, whome I have not yet an account of by reaaone this goes soe suddenly away, bnt shall suddenly doe them all right.

1 shall conclude this most true relation, being an eyewitness to it that it is miracukwae the good Prince came aoe well off, being soe deserted, but I hope God hath preserved him to doe a greater worke for this English Nation.

197. „A BREEEE RELATION of the engagement of hls Majesty's and the King of France's fleeta under my command with the Dutch upon the 21ta 0f August 1673 neere the Texell"

Upon Munday the 21tn of August att day breake wee saw the

1) Britsen Museum, Hariey 6845, fol. 160-'61. - Door Prins Robert. - Geen autograaf.