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Dutch fleet about a league and halfe to windward of us, the wind being then att E. S. R, faire weather and nott farre from the shore about which time both tbeire fleet and ours were standing to thé Norward About si* a clock I put abroade the signall for out fleet to tack to the Sonthward, which they did; then the French had the van, myselfewas in the middle, and" Sir Edward Spragg in the reer About the same time the Dutch fleet bore downe upon us, and de Ruyter sent the viee-admirall of Zealand with seaven saile of men of warre and three fireships to engage the whole Frenche squadron. Admirall Tromp with his squadron being about 26 men of warre and 7 fireships en gag d Sir Edward Spragge and the blew squadron^ who layd their foretopsaile. to their masts to stay for them contrary to my expresse order and his owne duty. De Ruyter and Bankart with all the rest of the fleet, men of warre and fireships came on upon me and my squadron, and about 8 a'clock the fight began, and before nine th«w feil a fogg with a small raine, which continued till about; 11;:then it cleard np and the wind came to the South, which putt the French (being ahead) to windward of the Duteb, when all the French squadron haveing the wind instead of tacking

thP%eTTg , Temy °S 1 6Xpected from them> st00d ^ay to beL; V IT/ theD ^ 8- S-W,) aDd 9t00d fal1 2 l^nes away before they tackd againe, and the vice-admirall of Zealand with his 7 ships had left them and came downe upon us

Att this time I saw Sir John Cbichly reer admirall of the red to leewud of mee a great way; the whole foree of de Ruyter and Banjert s squadron lay upon my division and Sir John Harman's, and the

that about 12 a clock I bad upon mee de Ruyter aud his squadron on my lee quarter, an admirall with 2 flags more on my weather quarter, and the Zealand squadron upon my broadside to^LTard Having fought thus for some time with both my broadsides to

Aftertb'iTf ï6*°TgiVC Way' aDd 80 ^ned with^»treil Ïl °Vf' Cl°Ck' 1 di8C0VCTed blew squadron att a

great distance neere 3 leagues to Ieeward, bearing N. N. E and I not knowing in what condition that squadron was and find fg the gun not well plyed I made the saile I could to them both to joyne Z fleet and helpe them if occasion required; the wind S S W with hi, wh*l T !°0ne* *>* «solnt&m but hee bore away

"Je bvsilewltl th!rreleefe °f ^ 806 wee ran downl

side by side within range of canon shott without fyring of either side and as wee were sayling downe wee saw a greate many of the b w'

ThïL: it rrjudged had/eceived some dama^to

ot the body, md hkewise some of the red, to which I fyred a gun for