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the day was neere spent; the san was just setting, when I edged off with an easy saaie, soe as to carry of the disabled shipps. The Dutch also layd their heads to the Eastward and soe the battle ended when came a messenger from count d'Estrée to receive orders and to know the meaning of the blew flaggs being on the mizen peeke, wich I wondred att, since there was noe instruction playner to bee understood or more necessary amongst the generall instructions for hghtmg which hee had layd before him, and besides it wanted neither signall nor instruction to teil him what hee should then have donethe case was soe plaine to every man's eye in the whole fleete.

Ihe enemy when darke night came stood off to their owne coast, which I had reason to bee glad of, resolving if I could avoyd it not to venture a new engagement the next day, unlesse I could have had better assurance not only what the count d'Estrée but many of oor owne meant to doe, who had failed mee soe in this.

In this battle neither English nor French lost one ship of warre neither doe I thinke the Dutch have greate reason to rejoice, and considermg all things I thinke it the greatest providenee ever befell me in my hfe that I brought off his Majesty's fleet soe.


t IhBl™aeiïan.,Haddoc nor W acquainted me with the ill condition of toe Charles, hough they had a sufficiënt experiment of her, coming trom Portsmouth when she shipped as much water in a very ordinary galle, and alle were afraide shee would have oversailed.

That though the last yeare Spragge, Duke of Yorke, and most ot the flagg officers were against attaquing the enemy nay fighting in the Shonefelt with them neere the banks of Flanders, it was unanimously agreed I should attaque the ennemy in Shonefelt

That at first Haddoc was backward till he found I was resolved to attaque the ennemy, then nothing would serve him but following of them to Flushing. B

That when wee came in sight of the ennemy, neither French nor blew made sayle but anchored a greate distance of us.

Ihat when I sent to them, Spragge came nearer, but the French dia not.

theTRedddw f0UgJhton1either F«*"* ^r Spragg made sayle, soe the Kedd were engaged 2 howers before them.

That d'Estrée did not beare downe de Rutter att alle, which was one of the canses I did not pursue the enemy farther.

1) Britach Museum, Hariey 6846, fol. 18*-'85. - Autograaf. - Dit «tuk staat hier op een verkeerde plaats; het had behooren te volgen oP ons n°. 154ü,t*tuk8t"ath,er