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squadron ia the rere, with onr two topsails and foresaile. Tramp, one ot the Dutch admirals, and his squadron, being about 26 men of warre and about 7 fireships, came to our blew squadron; the rest of the Datch fleete being about 60 saile of men of war with severall fireships went to the rest of onr fleete; neere eight of the elock the hght began. Trump and his division ingaged the admirall of the blew, Irumps vice admirall and his division ingaged toe vice admirall of the New, and Trump's rere admiral and his division ingaged the rere admiral of the blew. Before eight of the elock the admirall of the blew brased his foretopsaile to the mast, wee brased our foretopsaile to the mast to keepe our station and Une; the Dutch fought us within faire gunn shoot being to windward of us, they ent our rigging much After the fight began I eould not see oor generall, nor any of the two squadrons the red and white for the smoake of the gunns, soe we kept on fighting to the Southward as nere the wind as we could ly, somehmes with our foretopsaile back and sometimes fore, untill nere twelfe of the clock to-day, then the wind veering to the Southward' we saw the admirall of the blew and his division standing to Westward' fair by us; wee stood to the Westward after him, severall of the Dutch in our quarter plying at us and we at them; Trump and severall of his squadron, on the lee quarter of the admirall of the blew, standing to the Westward as wee did shooting at each other. I saw the rere admirall of the blew and his division to Ieeward of Trump and severall ot the Dutch fireing at each other.

At one of the clock the wind eame to the 8. W. a fresh gale, the admirall and all the blew squadron stood to the N. W. ward fitting oor rigging; at the same time the admirall of the blew's maine mast and mizenmast feil by the board atonce. S.'Edwardéfcragg went on board the St. George and put np his flagg there presently, the St. George's foretopmast was shot by the board, and the flagg was taken downe trom his topmast head, and not put «pin any other shipp; wee douted the admirall was slaine. Mylord Ossory seeing the RoyaU Prince in that condition without masts, resolved to ly by her and keepe her trom the enemy, Trump and his division and some others being nere her plying at her briskly and attempting to burn hei; but spent his hrestnps m vame, she bravely defending herselfe. Trnmp's shipp was disabled, soe that he went on board his second, and his shipp went out of the fleete.

About three of the clock the vice-admirall of the blew and his division made Trompe board off from the Pruue. In case my Lord Ossory had not laid by the Prince and his division and the rest ot the blew squadron, shee could not have been saved. This afternoone nere fower of the clock we saw our generall to windward of us comeing to us, and his fleete, and the Dutch fleete to the East-