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will and pleasure that you doe forthwith (wind and weather permitting) dispatch out three of the best sayling friggots of our fleet with you which are in present condition of goeing forth, with instruotions to two of them to ply to and againe about halfe seas over to the like intent of discovering and giveing advice to our said fleetes of the motion of any of the enemys shipps; and to the third to goe over soe farr towards the enemys coast, as shall be needfull for the informing himselfe in the present state and posture of the enemys fleet; and the same haveing discovered, to bring you present advertisment thereof; and it is our further will and pleasure that the comeing home of the said East-India and Barbadoes fleets being thus secured, and all occasion thereby removed of our longer detaining here the squadron of shipps of our good brother the most Christian King, you doe immediately signify to Monsieur d'Estrées our present, discharging the same from any further attendance upon this, or any other part of our service, in order to his speedy returning to the coast of France, in such manner as on behalfe of our said good brother he shall thinke fitt.

And for as much as there remaines under our present care the safe conduct of the colliers fleet now loaden at New-Castle bound for our river of Thames, and the secureing our herring fishery, and annoying the enemies, for the performance of which wee have already appointed the Dartmouth, Successe, Well doggar, Portsmouth pinke and Deptford ketch (viz.*) for attending the colliery; and the Phoznix, Drake, Country''s Well-faire and Chatham sloope (hesides the Lilly appointed by yourselfe) for the fishery, our further pleasure is that you doe, togeather with your flagg officers, immediately advise wath further force may be necessary, and can presently be provided out of our fleet to be sent thither for the strengthening that convoy; and that haveing soe done you doe with all speed give us an account of the result of your said advice, npon which you shall receive our further direction; and soe wee bid you very heartily farewell. Given at our court at Whitehall this 15th day of September 1673.

By his Majesties command S. Pbpts.

219. SEIGNELAY AAN D'ESTRÉES, 15 Sept. 1673 k$

J'ay leu au Roy le mémoire que vous m'avez envoyé du 6 de ce mois et S. M. attend avec impatience les nouvelles de la résolution que le Roy d'Angleterre aura prise, ou de faire rentrer sa flotte dans la Tamise et de congédier celle de S. M., ou de luy faire encore tenir la mer pendant quelque temps.

1) A. N., Marine B» 22. —

Uit Nancy.