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the truth in veiled words and in symbols. Their sense is becoming clearer as Man's understanding improves. The number of those, whose eyes can bear the light, is daily increasing.

We are not now concemed with ultimate notions of philosophy, but with the question of how we can make the best of the world and of our lives.

Does not the Bible declare, that God created Man after his own image ?

Does not Christianity declare, that the Kingdom of God iswithin us? Within us. That means: within Mankind.

Individual persons do not possess a free will beyond certain physical limits. But the will of Mankind, as part of the Universe come into consciousness, is only limited by its knowledge and probably by the number of men.

Since Man has been created after God's own image, and the Kingdom of God is within Mankind, that Kingdom is there already, but it requires improving.

Primitive Man could only understand a Supreme Being, who was similar to his Kings, but infinitely greater. He was omnipotent. Yet Evil existed. That seemed a contradiction. So the invention of the Devil