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was unavoidable. He was probably invented by some ancient nation in Asia. His power, however, was only temporary. He was Ahriman,the Bad Principle, in continuous conflict with Ormuzd, the Good Principle, who, in the fullness of Time, would be victorious. This wonderful idea has left its impression on the human mind ever since. It is part of our spiritual inheritance and it runs through countless ages and generations and through many creeds, like those of Manichaeans and Gnostics. That is the reason why Social Democracy worships Labour-Ormuzd, who will vanquish CapitalAhriman, when Ormuzd-Labour will reign supreme.

It is a curious fact, too, that like most creeds, Social Democracy knows a Heaven, the Milennium, and divides Mankind in Believers-Socialists and HeathensBourgeois. And again we see that all creeds are the fruit of one tree: the human mind, part of the Eternal Mind.

Man is: matter, come to a state of temporary consciousness.

The greater the number of human beings, the greater the amount of consciousness. It is our duty to ennoble that consciousness.

It is desirable that a maximum of matter should reach consciousness. In other words, the more human beings come into existence, the better.