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This is so strongly feit to be true, especially in our time which often has professed to be able to dispense with religion, that preservation of human life is the object of the utmost solicitude. To provoke abortion, is, in most countries, strictly prohibited, and punished severely; it is, like the restriction of births, abhorred by all churches. The lives of new-born infants are looked upon as of the greatest value, regardless of whether the parents are known or not. Our entire civilisation, in every walk of life, is based upon the preservation of human existence. Yet, when there is war, to preserve the life of "the enemy" is considered a crime!

When a maximum of the Universe will have become conscious, Man will reign supreme over Nature. We do not know what that maximum is. It will be reached when all the laws of Nature are known.

We must strive to reach that aim by studying those laws. The united effort of all mankind will be needed.

If those laws could be discovered by prayer or by meditation, it would be desirable to do nothing but pray and meditate.

If not, those occupations may be left to persons to whom they give a feeling of happiness. In this case such persons are only useful to themselves.