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If the road to a perfect knowledge of all natural laws be iooo miles long, and if, as we are convinced, it can be proved that Man has travelled at least an inch along that road, there is Hope for him.

That road has been, and will remain for a long time, blocked by obstacles. One of these, for instance, was distance. It made the transmission of thought difficult. Man has pushed it aside into nothingness. Pestilence, Famine, and War will vanish as surely as distance, legal torture and objectionable animals and other unsatisfactory things. We do not want them and we shall annihilate them.

The annihilation of Distance is such a tremendous Miracle, and it is held so close to our eyes, that it blinds us. Otherwise this one achievement alone would be recognised as Divine. Some things are so immense, that their very size prevents us from seeing them.

If Distance had been annihilated four thousand years ago, Marconi would rank as one of the Great Prophets. His name would be mentioned in Holy Books, and on Sunday mornings many people would listen to him and feel comforted.

Religions are necessary. It does not matter, whether they call themselves Christianity, Islam, or Social Democracy. Some of them hold, that a better time