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depth of the oceans of his thoughts, he often cried out to Heaven to save him. The fathomless ocean would have swallowed his Mind, if it had not caught the Book which it had made.

Only a chosen few could penetrate into the dark recesses of the Human Mind. They were the Great Prophets, the Founders of Religions. Zoroaster, Buddha, Christ, Mohammed, were such Prophets.

During the countless ages which have witnessed Man's existence, many other Prophets must have lived, whose very names are forgotten.

There was one kind of jewel which each Prophet brought out of the darkness into the light. That was the Brotherhood of Man. From this all Moral Law emanates.

In Man's sub-consciousness was a mine which supplied that glorious jewel. It was as inexhaustible as the Great Mind of which the mind of Man is only a part. Man has always recognised the jewel to be a part of himself.

There is no sane human being in the world, who does not wish to be happy.

There is no sane human being in the world who wishes other people to be unhappy.