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As long as they are in a sane state of mind ,men are full of pity for the grief of others. Most of them have not enough imaginative powers to represent the grief of others, to their minds. A great many, feeling that they are powerless to alleviate the gigantic amount of worldly suffering, eschew a knowledge of it. Or they leave the work of altraism to others. By instinct and fear many, who know not what grief is, leave afflicted persons alone.

When a very great calamity takes place, all men are wakened up. They see the woe of others; they know that they, themselves, are always subject to unknown dangers. And, suddenly, like a flash of lightning, the Prophets' words are writ across their minds. They were almost forgotten. And from the words rings a sound as of a trumpet-call: AU men are brothers! And then, men who have never known each other before, who live in different continents, who would be unable to understand each other's language, suddenly remember their duty to their fellows. They give of their wealth, they give of their pity. They feed the hungry, they clothe the naked. They sorrow for the tears of the widows, for the despair of mothers bereft of their darlings.

They often did not know that they were, in their hearts, Christians. Many called themselves Unbelievers, Atheists, Freethinkers; they wanted a Religion